2018 - 2019


Moving toward a brighter future for everyone requires the Community Foundation's financial growth and stability. We are thankful to our donor partners for their investment in our endowment, which allows us to address the every-changing needs in our community today, and in the future.
  • Grants Authorized
    by Priority Area
  • Assets by Fund Type
    as of June 30, 2019
  • Asset Allocation
    as of June 30, 2019

Grants Authorized by Priority Area. Environment, $556,202 or 4.0%. Economic Prosperity, $842,294 or 6.1%. Arts and Social Engagement $3,714,072 or 26.7%. Education $3,790,239 or 27.3%. Health $3,052,802 or 22.0%. Neighborhoods $1,839,637 or 13.2%. Other $93,004 or 0.7%.

Assets by Fund Type as of June 30, 2019. Field of Interest Funds $40,074,343 or 11.5%. Donor Advised Funds $90,612,856 or 26.0%. Designated and Nonprofit Funds $40,384,628 or 11.6%. Community Funds $27,169,236 or 7.8%. Unrestricted Funds $103,962,510 or 29.8%. Scholarship Funds $36,215,765 or 10.4%. Operating/Special Project & Initiatives/Building $10,056,084 or 2.9%.

Asset Allocation as of June 30, 2019. Global Equity 59.3%. Global Fixed Income 12.1%. Real Assets (Real Estate, Natural Resources, Infrastructure) 8.8%. Diversifying Strategies (Absolute Return) 19.1%. Cash 0.7%.

Statement of Financial Position As of June 30, 2019

Cash and Investments, at market value$334,402,403
Beneficial Interests in Perpetual Trusts$2,038,459
Split-Interest Agreements Receivable$4,138,804
Gifts and Pledges Receivable$296,060
Notes Receivable$2,214,006
Property, Furniture and Equipment, Net of Accum. Dep.$3,430,307
Prepaid Expenses$6,000
Reinsurance Contracts$6,000
Cash Surrender Value of Life Insurance$759,613
Total Assets$348,475,422
Liabilities + Net Assets
Accounts Payable$268
Grants and Scholarships Payable $2,394,178
Charitable Gift Annuities Payable$1,730,814
Funds Held on Behalf of Nonprofit Endowments$17,634,803
Total Liabilities$21,760,063
Total Net Assets$326,715,359

Statement of Activities Year Ended June 30, 2019

Revenues and Gains/(Losses)
Investment Income (net of fees)$10,668,699
Change in Fair Value of Charitable Gift Annuities & Split-Interest Agreements$124,122
Less: Amounts Allocable to Nonprofits($609,198)
Total Revenues and Gains/(Losses)$20,577,493
Grants and Expenses
Grants and Scholarships Authorized$13,888,250
Community Initiatives and Fund Program Expenses$632,750
Charitable and Philanthropic Expenses$1,377,198
Other Operating Expenses$2,910,610
Less: Amounts Allocable to Nonprofits($843,497)
Total Grants and Operating Expenses$17,965,311
Change in Net Assets$2,612,182
Net Assets, Beginning of Year$324,103,177
Net Assets, End of Year$326,715,359
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