2019 - 2020


Through our endowment, we are moving toward a brighter future and protecting Grand Rapids Community Foundation’s long-term financial growth and stability. While markets may fluctuate due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are grateful for the generosity of our donor partners and volunteers, who contribute financial resources and expertise. These resources allow us to identify and address the ever-changing needs within Kent County today and into the future.
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invested into community from Grand Rapids Community Foundation over the last five years.

Statement of Financial Position As of June 30, 2020
Cash and Investments, at market value$328,263,838
Beneficial Interests in Perpetual Trusts$1,997,341
Split-Interest Agreements Receivable$3,208,406
Gifts and Pledges Receivable$552,390
Notes Receivable$2,758,184
Property, Furniture and Equipment, Net of Accum. Dep.$3,314,534
Prepaid Expenses$3,000
Reinsurance Contracts$1,056,056
Cash Surrender Value of Life Insurance$791,876
Total Assets$341,945,625
Liabilities + Net Assets
Accounts Payable$103,485
Grants and Scholarships Payable $3,352,032
Charitable Gift Annuities Payable$1,646,200
Funds Held on Behalf of Nonprofit Endowments$16,798,435
Total Liabilities$21,900,152
Total Net Assets$320,045,473
Statement of Activities Year Ended June 30, 2020
Revenues and Gains/(Losses)
Investment Income (net of fees)($10,266,119)
Other Revenue$129,050
Change in Fair Value of Charitable Gift Annuities & Split-Interest Agreements($199,139)
Less: Amounts Allocable to Nonprofits($3,041)
Total Revenues and Gains/(Losses)$10,945,842
Grants and Expenses
Grants and Scholarships Authorized$13,487,488
Community Initiatives and Fund Program Expenses$597,888
Charitable and Philanthropic Expenses$1,541,177
Other Operating Expenses$2,828,584
Less: Amounts Allocable to Nonprofits($839,409)
Total Grants and Operating Expenses$17,615,728
Change in Net Assets($6,669,886)
Net Assets, Beginning of Year$326,715,359
Net Assets, End of Year$320,045,473

Audited financials have been given an unmodified opinion by our auditors Plante & Moran PLLC. If you would like a copy of the full audit, please call Grand Rapids Community Foundation at 616.454.1751 or visit our website grfoundation.org.