Tomorrow's Dreams

As Grand Rapids Community Foundation celebrated 100 years in Kent County, we looked back at our history to examine lessons learned and asked community to share their vision for the future. We’re grateful for careful planning, thoughtful stewardship of a century’s worth of generosity and partners with a passion for racial, social and economic justice. Together, we can get closer to making those dreams a reality for future generations.
Photograph of five people gathered at a Community Foundation celebration. Standing together, arms around one another with smiles on their faces.
Partners Gathered at a Community Foundation Celebration

A video collection featuring: Visions for the future of Kent County from diverse voices with diverse experiences to help inform Grand Rapids Community Foundation’s next century of service and impact.

This is a collection of videos from various partners.
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What we’re asking: We invite you to share your voice and your vision for the future of our community. What does it take to ensure a thriving community for the future? What do you hope your grandchildren will experience here?

Data and Financials
Three people posing in front of a photo wall with Grand Rapids Community Foundation logos as the backdrop at a celebration event, arm in arm and smiling at the camera.
Partners Gathered at a Community Foundation Celebration
A New Century, Together
Celebrating our centennial year in 2022 was a milestone moment for Grand Rapids Community Foundation. It symbolized how generations of partners cultivated the Community Foundation that we know today and prepared it to meet current demands. The anniversary also prompted us to look forward and consider how we could ensure a lasting legacy for future generations. While many factors shift over the course of a hundred years, the promise of the future is embedded into the framework of our Community Foundation. With community foundations across the nation, we share the catchphrase “for good, forever, for everyone.”
Shaping an Inclusive and Hopeful Future

Throughout our centennial year, the Community Foundation asked our community to help shape our vision for the future. The response was incredible. People from all over Kent County shared a vision of hope for our community to be known for its welcoming culture of belonging. A future where people feel safe, respected and have equitable access to education, jobs and healthcare. A future where children and grandchildren are accepted as their authentic selves and can succeed, contribute and belong. This vision echoes our North Star. Together, we can activate that dream.

An endowment is a plan for the future—one we know is essential for building the necessary resources to make systemic change a reality. Generous donor partners are fueling our community’s vision for the future with planned gifts and unrestricted donations. Community Foundation staff and volunteers carefully steward investments to ensure that forthcoming generations have resources to tackle the challenges they will face.

Together, all our partners are ensuring that we meet challenges in equitable sustainable ways. And, together, these efforts put us one step closer to realizing the visions that our community shared for the future of Kent County.

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