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People who love this region have many opportunities to give. Donor partners choose Grand Rapids Community Foundation because our staff serves as bridge builders—providing guidance and resources to help donor partners increase the impact of their philanthropy by addressing pressing issues.

Three people sitting at a round table, which is set up with microphones and coffee cups. All are facing the camera and smiling.
Huemartin Robinson II, donor partner; Carol Paine-McGovern, donor partner; and Jonse Young, director of philanthropic services.

A conversation featuring: Huemartin Robinson II, donor partner; Carol Paine-McGovern, donor partner; and Jonse Young, director of philanthropic services.

What we’re exploring: What do donor partners and the Community Foundation learn from each other about addressing inequities through giving? Why do donor partners trust the Community Foundation to be their philanthropic advisor?


Donor Advised Funds held at Grand Rapids Community Foundation


awarded to nonprofits from Donor Advised funds during the 2022-2023 fiscal year


of Donor Advised funds recommended grants to nonprofit partners during the 2022-2023 fiscal year


grants awarded from Donor Advised funds in the 2022-2023 fiscal year
Four Latinas standing together and smiling at the camera at a Somos Comunidad Fund launch party.
Somos Comunidad Fund Event
Prioritizing Equity

Deep, meaningful relationships are important to create change and progress. While aiming to follow our North Star, build a prosperous region and overcome inequities, we often face complicated, systemic issues and differing opinions or experiences. Rather than avoid these hard conversations, we at the Community Foundation view them as an opportunity to learn from others and deepen trust and relationships. As we work toward our shared goals, we learn from community members, share our understanding and consider many perspectives. Together, we are looking to a brighter future.

Of the Community Foundation’s total assets, about 28% are unrestricted—meaning they can be directed by Community Foundation staff and volunteer partners to immediately address the most pressing needs. Our grantmaking strategy for unrestricted resources allocation strategy prioritizes organizations that lead with equity and/or are led by people of color.

Creating Connections

Donor Advised funds, which make up a nearly equal portion of assets, are directed by the donors who established the fund or their representatives. Many donors begin a Donor Advised fund at the Community Foundation because they see value in the local knowledge staff brings to the partnership. To reflect our organizational priority and grantmaking strategy, we work with our fund holders to encourage grantmaking that addresses racial, social and economic injustices. Through events and personal outreach, we invite donors into conversation and action.

All donor partners are welcomed to join the Community Foundation’s focus on addressing inequities and eliminating barriers to opportunity, prosperity and belonging. We want to make good on our promise of partnership and lift up organizations and efforts that donor partners might not be aware of. By understanding our partners’ passions, focusing on growing and deepening relationships and connecting individuals, organizations and networks, we can make greater impact, together.

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