2019 - 2020

Grant Partnerships

Awarded in Grants + Scholarships

Awarded from Donor Advised Funds


Awarded from Fund for Community Good + Field of Interest Funds


Awarded from Designated, Agency + Special Project Funds


Awarded in Scholarships

Fund for Community Good Guidelines updated to focus on racial, social and economic justice.

With our Fund for Community Good and Field of Interest fund assets, we invest in partners who share our commitment to becoming actively anti-racist.

$1.16 Million
awarded in scholarships to students in Kent County
scholarship awards, including 63% to first-generation college students
Challenge Scholars

In addition to our traditional scholarships, our Challenge Scholars program partners with Grand Rapids Public Schools to increase educational opportunities for students on the West side attending Union High School.

Class of 2020

graduated seniors were eligible for four-year scholarships


Union High School seniors benefited from holistic supports made available through Challenge Scholars. Many moved on to Grand Rapids Community College with the support of the Grand Rapids Promise Zone Scholarship.

Grants Authorized
By Priority Area
Grants Authorized by Priority Area

Arts + Social Engagement $4,175,689 | 31%

Education $2,698,063 | 29%

Health $2,069,913 | 15%

Neighborhoods $1,586,638 | 12%

Economic Prosperity $1,284,588 | 10%

Environment $399,756 | 3%

Other $110,336 | 1%