2019 - 2020

Honor, Memorial + Estate Gifts

We recognize the following people in whose honor or memory gifts to Grand Rapids Community Foundation were made.
Gifts in Honor of

Ken Betz and Pat Brewer
Emily Bridson
Andy Brookhouse
Kim Dabbs
Nancy L. Douglas
Lindsey Gallas,

     teacher at East Kentwood High School
Franca and Christina Gerardi
Grand Rapids Community Foundation Staff
Mira Krishnan and Teri Jourdan
Brandy Lovelady-Mitchell

Don and Nancy Lubbers
Richard Lyman
Nathan McLean
Charles F. Pletcher
Lucy Quigg
Dietrich K. Roth
Bill Rowe
Erika VanDyke
Anneliese Waalkes
Rick Walker
Luke Wilcox,

    teacher at East Kentwood High School
Chad and Ellie Zagel

Gifts in Memory of

Dorothy Apol

Dave Balas

Margaret S. Bradshaw

Karl Braunschneider

Fredrick G. Briscoe

Jack C. Clifford

Nancy Cok

William Durr

Edna Edd

John Fellows

Joyce B. French

Jim Galer

Myrtle Gardner

Bernice Greco

Velvie Green

Leonard Gross

Jamie Hale

Andrew and Mandy Heidenriech

Richard and Elenanor Hemenway

Ruth Jones-Hairston

Gisela Kah

Gary Karasinski

Matthew Kutsche

Andy Lubbers

Paul Margolies

Thomas McAllister

Ray McCahill

Mary Meade-Fuger

Dr. J. Christopher Norman

Carl Paganelli

Betty Jane Pletcher and Forrest A. Pletcher

Forrest Arthur Pletcher

Nate Rodriguez

Dietrich K. Roth

Tom Rutledge

Muriel Silbar

Merriam Streelman

Robert and Merriam Streelman

Robert Swanson

Linda Thomas

Daniel L. Tinkham

Ed Vander Velde

Helen Vereecken

Rebecca Ver Hoef

Stanley Victor

Phil Wood

Kevin Yon

Anne G. Zimmerman

Each year, people we know and love pass away, but their legacies remain with us. Grand Rapids Community Foundation remembers the following people who made gifts through their estate plans to benefit the community.
Estate Gifts

Molly Bradshaw

Fredrick “Fritz” Briscoe

Max and Lois Doering

Kenneth and Christina Gilchrist

Hoyt and Mary Ann Kremer

James and Mary Jane Lamse

Charles and Stella Royce

Dorothy N. Schowalter

Doris Ann Slack