2018 - 2019


Grand Rapids Community Foundation helps individuals, families, nonprofits, companies and communities in West Michigan achieve their philanthropic goals. Each fund held at the Community Foundation has its own special purpose and meaning. Whatever your giving goal may be, the Community Foundation can help you create and grow a fund that will make the most of your philanthropy.

Community Funds

Cascade Community Foundation Fund

  • Joyce and Tom Wisner Fund

East Grand Rapids Community Foundation Fund
Hudsonville-Jenison Community Foundation Fund

  • Hudsonville-Jenison Community Foundation – Youth Fund
  • Wayne D. Jones Community Fund

Ionia County Community Foundation Fund

  • Belding Education Fund*
  • Alvah N. Belding Library Fund
  • Belding Schools Fund
    • George H. Bird Scholarship
    • Burger Fund
    • Frost Renaissance Foundation Fund
    • Don and Emma Goodell Scholarship Fund
  • The Belrockton Fund
  • William and Jewel Eckstrom Helping Hand Fund
  • Healthy Youth & Healthy Seniors Fund
  • Ionia County Community Foundation – Youth Fund
  • Ionia County Parks Preservation and Maintenance Fund
  • Ionia Free Fair Fund
  • Ionia Public Schools Scholarship Fund
  • Lakewood Educational Foundation Fund
    • Paul and Alberta Allen Scholarship Fund for Lakewood High School
    • William R. and Jewel H. Eckstrom Future
    • Teachers Scholarship for Lakewood High School
    • Chuck Henney (husband of Pam, son of Wayne and Dorothy) Memorial Scholarship Fund
    • Ward and Elaine Van Laanen Teaching Scholarship for Lakewood High School
  • Bea McCarty Family Fund+
  • James and Teresa McCarty Family Fund+
  • Kenneth and Shirley Morris Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Dolly Parton Imagination Library Fund – ICCF
  • Portland Community Fund
  • George W. Romney Fund – Enrich of Ionia County Volunteer Center

Saranac Community Schools

    • Paul and Alberta Allen Scholarship Fund for Saranac High School
    • Edwin A. and Maxine Cahoon Compagner Memorial Fund
    • Thomas P., Della and George Eddy Scholarship Fund
    • Saranac Community Schools Promise Scholarship Fund
    • Saranac Community Schools Scholarship Fund
    • Ben A. & Lucy C. Simons Memorial Education Fund
  • W. W. Sprague Family Fund
  • Ronald and Margaret Story Fund+
  • Swartz Family Fund

The Lowell Area Community Fund
Sparta Community Foundation Fund

  • Glenn S. Bradford Fund
  • Clare and Helen Finch Fund
  • Paul C. and Inez L. Miller Fund
  • Sparta Community Foundation – Youth Fund

Wyoming Community Foundation Fund

  • Tommy Brann Fund
  • John and Margaret Kuiper Family Fund
  • Matthew Scothorn Memorial Fund+
  • Wyoming Community Foundation – Youth Fund

Designated and Nonprofit Funds

Actors’ Theatre Company Endowment Fund
Alano Club of Kent County Endowment Fund*
American Red Cross Agency Endowment Fund
Aquinas College Frey Scholars Fund Anonymous Funds (4)
The Arc Kent County Endowment Fund
John Arnold Endowment Fund for Feeding America West Michigan Food Bank
Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired Endowment Fund
Association of Fundraising Professionals West Michigan Chapter Fund
John Ball Zoological Society Wildlife Conservation Endowment Fund
Frank and Ann Battistella Grand Rapids Art Museum Fund
Baxter Community Center Endowment Fund
August and Anna Behrens Fund for Girl Scouts of Michigan Shore to Shore
City of Belding Park Maintenance Fund
D. A. Blodgett – St. John’s Endowment Fund
D. A. Blodgett – St. John’s Scholarship Fund
Estate of Minnie C. Blodgett for Clinic for Infant Feeding
The Ivan K. Blough Greater Lowell Chamber Foundation Scholarship Fund
Calvin College Service Learning Center Fund
Camp Blodgett Endowment Fund
Camp Fire – Harriet D. and Mary Dively Fund
Camp Fire – WoHeLo Fund
Camp Henry Endowment Fund
Catherine’s Health Center Fund
Cedar Springs Education Foundation Fund
Center for Community Leadership Fund
Cherry Health Fund
Children’s Advocacy Center of Kent County Endowment Fund*
Christian Rest Home Foundation Fund
Comprehensive Therapy Center Endowment Fund
Dr. Edwin P. and Florence H. Creaser Fund
David G. Dvorak, MD Scholarship Fund
Dwelling Place Fund
The Economic Club of Grand Rapids Endowment Fund
George E. and Erma C. Evans Designated Fund for the Salvation Army
Festival of the Arts in Grand Rapids Fund
Gerald R. Ford Council Boy Scouts of America Fund
Frey Foundation Grand Rapids Symphony Endowment Fund
Edward J. & Frances T. Frey Memorial Fund for St. Mark’s Episcopal Church
Edward J. Frey Junior Achievement Fund
Friends of Grand Rapids Parks’ Park Maintenance and Improvement Fund – Joe Taylor Park
Friends of Grand Rapids Parks’ Park Maintenance and Improvement Fund – Pleasant Park
Girls Choral Academy Endowment Fund*
Godwin’s Golden G, Inc. Education Fund
Grand Rapids Adventist Academy Merit Fund
Grand Rapids Ballet Agency Endowment Fund
Grand Rapids Chapter of the American Guild of Organists Endowment Fund
Grand Rapids Children’s Museum Fund
Grand Rapids Civic Theatre Endowment Fund
Grand Rapids Jaycees Foundation Douglas B. Wicks Fund
Grand Rapids Lions Club Activities Commission Fund
Grand Rapids Maya Lin “Ecliptic” Art Maintenance Endowment Fund
Grand Rapids Public Library Foundation Fund
Grand Rapids Symphony Mosaic Scholarship Fund
Grand Rapids Urban League Fund
Grand Rapids Youth Commonwealth Endowment Fund
Grand Rapids Youth Commonwealth – Harry Dolan Camp O’Malley Scholarship Fund
Grandville Athletic Boosters Endowment Fund
Grandville Calvin Christian Schools Foundation Fund

GROW Bonnie Miller Endowment Fund
Guardian Angel Homes Fund for People with Disabilities
Habitat for Humanity of Kent County Endowment Fund
Karl Hascall Variety Club Fund
Home Repair Services Endowment Fund
Hudsonville Christian School Foundation Fund
Humane Society of West Michigan Agency Endowment Fund
Humane Society of West Michigan – Elsie Eggebrecht Fund
Humane Society of West Michigan – Clarence and Catherine Thielman Endowment Fund
Allen I. and Helen J. Hunting Fund to Support River Restoration
Allen I. and Helen J. Hunting Research and Innovation Fund for the Grand Valley State University, Robert B. Annis Water Resources Institute
Indian Trails Camp Endowment Fund
Indian Trails Camp – Paul Clark Blanding Memorial Scholarship Fund
Indian Trails Camp – Cabin Fund
Jenison Christian School Endowment Fund
Jenison Public Education Foundation Fund
Laureen Kennedy Child Care Fund
Kenowa Hills Education Foundation Fund
Kent County Agricultural Preservation Fund
Kent District Library Fund
Ladies Literary Club Fund for Literacy Center of West Michigan
LCTV Endowment Fund Look Memorial Fund
Lowell Area Historical Museum Endowment Fund
Lowell Area Schools Education Foundation Endowment Fund
William S. Martens Hundred Club Fund
Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital Barbara Hoffius Pediatric Fund
Ronald McDonald House Fund
Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan Fund
Leonard and Eileen Newman Designated Fund
Noorthoek Academy Endowment Fund
Northview Education Foundation Endowment Fund
Opera Grand Rapids Fund
Opera Grand Rapids – Betty Van Andel Fund
Parkinson’s Association of West Michigan Endowment Fund
Pilgrim Manor Endowment Fund
Rosa Parks Sculpture Maintenance Fund
Charlotte M. Raniville Fund for the Benefit of Mary Free Bed Guild
Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) Fund
George W. Romney Fund – Heart of West Michigan United Way Volunteer Center
Rotary Club of Lowell Foundation Fund
Safe Haven Ministries, Inc. Endowment Fund
St. Cecilia Music Society Building Endowment Fund
Senior Meals on Wheels of Western Michigan Fund
Senior Neighbors Agency Fund Senior Neighbors Fund
Douglas Leon Spalding Memorial Fund
Spirit of Solidarity Fund
Nellie H. Stevens Grand Rapids Teachers’ Travel Fund
Kathryn and Dennis Sullivan Charitable Fund
The Kathy Timmer Specialized Language Development Learning Center Memorial Fund
Unity Christian High School Education Support Fund
Wege Wealthy Theatre Fund
West Michigan Center for Arts and Technology Fund
West Michigan Dental Foundation Fund
West Side Christian School Fund
Women’s Resource Center Founder’s Circle Endowment Fund
World Affairs Council of West Michigan Endowment Fund
Wyoming Public Schools Educational Fund
YWCA Women and Girls Development Fund in Honor of Judy Lloyd

Donor Advised Funds

The ACH Fund
Martin J. and Susan J. Allen Family Fund
Robert N. and Catherine R. Alt Family Fund
Andrulis Family Fund*
David G. and Mary L. Annis Family Fund
Anonymous Advised Funds (8)
James and Shirley Balk Family Fund
Martin and Melissa Balk Family Fund*
The Banks Family Charitable Fund
Kip and Chris Barber Fund Robert and Mary Barss Fund*
Laurie Finney Beard Family Fund
John R. Bertsch Fund
John and Claire Bissell Advised Fund
Matthew and Vicki Bissell Advised Fund
Glen and Betsy Borre Fund
Bjork Bradford Donor Advised Fund The Moore Brower Charitable Fund
Allan R. and Claudia A. Carlson Advised Fund
Carpenter Advised Fund
David M. and Cara V. Cassard Fund
Center for Systemic Change Advised Funds (2)
Chris-Tina Fund
Roger and Sally Ciapara Donor Advised Fund
Colliers International Fund
Peter C. and Emajean Cook Fund
Richard C. and Shirley E. Cooper Advised Fund
Courtade-DeLessio Family Fund
Crawford and Laurie Craft Family Fund
Robert and Julia Currier Family Fund
Darooge Family Charitable Fund Mary and Bob Darrow Fund*
Robert J. and Katherine M. Daverman Fund
DCB Family Fund
Douglas DeBoer Memorial Fund
Eleanor Hager Defoe Fund
DeLapa Family Fund
Elizabeth Tinney Donley Fund
Dyer-Ives Neighborhood Fund
The Ebenezer Fund
Engen Family Fund
Gerald and Jane Feldman Family Fund
First National Bank of Michigan Charitable Fund
Founder’s Fund
Tom and Mickie Fox Family Advised Fund
The Freihofer Family Fund
The Jack and Jill French Charitable Fund
Frey Foundation Fund I
Frey Foundation Fund II
Charles R. and Bette Fuller Family Fund
Furniture Manufacturers’ Heritage Advised Fund
C. John Gill and Rita Williams Family Fund
Richard and Elizabeth Gillett Family Fund
Gene and Tubie Gilmore Fund
Jamie Hale Memorial Fund
Hascall Family Donor Advised Fund
Janet A. Haynes and Kelsey Haynes Advised Fund
Hebrews 13:16 Fund Heerspink Family Advised Fund
The David and Cathy Heldt Charitable Fund
Michael and Kate
Herrema Foundation Fund*
The Heuschkel Family Fund in Memory of Emilie
Beverly and William Heyne Fund
Hildenbrand Community Fund*
Stuart and Barbara Hoffius Family Fund
Thomas E. and Geraldine K. Hogan Fund
Earl and Donnalee Holton Advised Fund
Ken and June Holtvluwer Fund
Doug and Peggy Hoogerhyde Fund
David and Marilyn Hunting Fund
Margaret P. Idema Fund
William and Beatrice Idema Fund
J & N Fund
Holly Cope Jacoby Fund*
Mike and Sue Jandernoa Advised Fund
JCT Donor Advised Fund
Andy and Christina Keller Fund
Linn Maxwell Keller Donor Advised Fund
Herbert and Glenna Knape Family Fund
David and Phyllis Koslow Fund Matthew Kutsche Memorial Fund Lafayette Fund
Norm and Marilyn
Leven Family Fund
LGR Sweeter Impact Fund
Loeks Family Funds (10)
Andy Lubbers Be NICE Memorial Fund

Andy Lubbers Memorial Fund for Mental Health
Dr. Jack and Katy Lukens Family Fund
Judson M. and Lynn E. Lynch Family Advised Fund
Eugene G. and Jean P. Lyons Family Fund
M & M Fund
The Mackay Charitable Fund
Malcolm/Magolan Family Fund*
Mankoff Family Fund
Chester and Elaine Maternowski Family Fund
Barbara Mayo-Johnson Donor Advised Fund
Ray McCahill Family Fund*
John R. and Betsy W. McIntyre Family Fund
McKania, Too Fund
Kendall Meijer Charitable Fund
Liesel Litzenburger Meijer Fund
Daniel W. Miller and
Susan L. Wright-Miller Fund
Paul C. and Inez L. Miller Fund
Kim S. Mitchell Donor Advised Fund
Aaron and Cheryl Molhoek Family Fund
Moore Family Advised Fund
Dick and Barb Musser Family Fund C. Robert and Patricia Muth Fund
The Myers Family Fund
Khan and Liza Nedd Family Fund
Northouse Family Fund
Terrence and Maureen O’Rourke Fund
Daniel and Susan Oumedian Family Fund
Patricia P. and Armen
G. Oumedian Family Fund
Louis Padnos Iron & Metal Company Fund
Padnos/Sarosik Fund
Paine and McGovern Family Fund
Chris and Joan Panopoulos Family Fund*
Park Avenue Partners (2)
James and Linda Payne Family Foundation Fund
Peterson Memorial Fund
Dan and Sara Peterson Family Fund
Virgil and Louise Phelps Advised Fund
Pimm Donor Advised Fund
Jeff and Julia Poole Family Fund
Rimbaud Fund
Leonard and Karen Rinke Fund
River City Fund
Roach Family Fund
Richard Roane and Leandro Robles Families Donor Advised Fund
L.R. and Marjorie Roegge Donor Advised Fund
Dr. Jack and Lija Romence Children’s Fund
Michael and Christina Rosloniec Family Fund
Roth Family Fund
E. Alan Rumbaugh Advised Fund Sadler Family Fund
Angela Schipper Fund*
Jack Jr. and Lori Skoog Family Fund II*
Nancy and Doug Slade Dynamic Donor Advised Fund
Sligh Memorial Fund
Richard E. Smoke Advised Fund
Dr. Lisa Sostecke Fund
William E. and Norma Sprague Charitable Fund
N. Jene Stella Memorial Fund
The Supp Family Donor Advised Fund
Dr. Alfred B. Swanson and Dr. Genevieve de Groot Swanson Advised Fund
Arvin L. and Pearl M. Tap Fund Mike and Sue Taylor Fund*
Steele A. and Mary
D. Taylor Advised Fund
Timothy Fund
Wayne Titche Fund
Colleen and Bob Tobin Family Fund*
Daniel and Alice Trapp Family Advised Fund
Jeff and Margaret Tuori Family Fund Anne Heyboer Vander Heide Fund Simon and Mary Vander Kooy Fund Roger and Jacquelyn Vander
Laan Family Fund
Stan and Jackie Vander Roest Fund
Andy and Tracy Van Solkema Family Fund
John and Sue Walton Fund
Warner Norcross & Judd Fund
Waters Corporation/Cassard Family Donor Advised Fund
Wellcome Opportunity Fund*
West Michigan Edward Jones Foundation Fund
The John J. Wheeler Charitable Fund
Robert and Deborah White Fund Whitsett Family Fund
W.K. Kellogg Foundation Trustee Donor Advised Funds (2)
Kate Pew Wolters Fund
Dick and Barbara Young Fund Zack Family Fund

Field of Interest Funds

Kathryn L. Adamson Fund for Children
Kathryn L. Adamson Fund for the Elderly
African American Heritage Fund

  • Louise J. Johnson Fund+

George M. Ames Fund
Lucy E. Barnett Trust for the Elderly
John, Margaret and Maryellen Berry Fund
Gordon and Mary Bowman Fund
Armand F. and Gretchen B. Burch Fund
Cherry (Mrs. James) Carpenter Fund for Children
Challenge Scholars Funds

  • James and Shirley Balk Family Fund for Challenge Scholars
  • Hill Machinery Fund for Challenge Scholars
  • David B. and Susan D. Lipner Fund for Challenge Scholars+
  • Armen Oumedian Challenge Scholars Fund

Kenneth H. and Margaret L. Childs Fund for Education
Bruce Alexis Cornelius Memorial Fund for Mental Health Agencies
George M. and Lucinda Ann Edison Memorial Trust Fund
Emma Sherwood Evans Trust Fund
Charles Evenson Fund for the Environment
William S. Folz Fund for Cancer Research
Fund for Arts and Social Engagement
Fund for Economic Prosperity
Fund for Education

  • Alicent Epps Jasperse Memorial

Fund for Academic Achievement+
Fund for the Environment
Fund for Health
Fund for Neighborhoods Healthy Youth & Healthy Seniors Fund

Cecilia Hoagland Fund for Local Veterans
Arthur H. Holmes Handicap Fund
Homeless Prevention Endowment Fund
Mary I. and David
D. Hunting Family Fund
Elizabeth J. Steed Johnson Fund for Healthcare and Community Health
Ken, Melinda and Andrew Krei Youth Fund
Ladies Literary Club Fund for Literary Arts
The C. Lincoln Linderholm Trust
Duncan Littlefair
Literary Fund for Children
The J. Leslie Livingston Memorial Fund
William H. and Inetta P. Martindill Fund
Robert D. Mieras
Fund for Dance and Music
Gordon and Janet Moeller, Food Security Fund
Needy Children Field of Interest Fund

  • Norma Olsen Fund for Abused Children+
  • The George and Kaye Wilsted Fund for Children+

Leonard and Eileen Newman Fund for the Arts
Our LGBTQ Fund
Estate of Annette Richards
Kathryn and Dennis Sullivan Charitable Fund
SVI – Social Venture Investors Fund
Kenneth M. Sweers Fund for the Homeless
Patricia Haan Timmer Fund for Downtown Charities
Youth Field of Interest Fund

Operating/Special Project Funds

Administrative Fund
Charitable Gift Annuity Funds (36)
Grand Rapids Community Foundation Reserve Fund

Special Project Funds

  • Building Campaign Fund
  • Challenge Scholars Dream Fund*
  • Encore Fund
  • LINC Technical Assistance Fund
  • Nonprofit Technical Assistance Fund
  • Rosa Parks Sculpture Project

Scholarship Funds

Altrusa Scholarship Fund Anonymous Scholarship Fund (3)
Arts Council of Greater Grand Rapids Scholarship Fund
Noyes L. Avery Jr. and Ann E. Avery Scholarship Fund
Black Men Building Resources Scholarship Fund
Geraldine Geistert Boss Scholarship Fund
Fred, Miriam, Bob, and Fritz Briscoe Scholarship Fund*
Harry J. Brown and Lucille B. Brown Scholarship Fund
Orrie and Dorothy Cassada Scholarship Fund
Llewellyn L. Cayvan String Instrument Scholarship Fund
Aim High Jerry Clay Scholarship Fund
Thomas D. Coffield Scholarship Fund Paul Collins Scholarship Fund
Rosemary Cook Education Scholarship Fund
Gerald M. Crane Memorial Music Scholarship Fund
Darooge Family Scholarship Fund
Achille and Irene Despres, William and Andre Scholarship Fund
Donald J. DeYoung Education Fund
Edwin F. Doyle Scholarship Fund
Economic Club of Grand Rapids Scholarship Fund
George and Louise Egeler Fund Supporting YESP
Virginia Valk Fehsenfeld Scholarship Fund
Melbourne and Alice E. Frontjes Scholarship Fund
Carolyn Gallmeyer Fund
Mathilda Gallmeyer Scholarship Fund
General Scholarship Fund
Grand Rapids Chamber ATHENA Eileen DeVries Scholarship Fund*
Grand Rapids Combined Theatre Scholarship Fund
Grand Rapids Scholarship Association Fund
Grand Rapids University Prep Founders’ Scholarship
Hackett Family Scholarship Fund
Guy D. and Mary Edith Halladay Trust Fund
Hill Machinery Fund for Technology Scholars
Donald and Florence Hunting Memorial Fund
The Jack Family Educational Fund
Camilla C. Johnson Scholarship Trust Fund
Vivian M. Kommer Scholarship Fund
Ladies Literary Club Scholarship Fund
Lavina A. Laible Scholarship Trust Fund
Stephen D. Lankester Scholarship Fund
Sherman L. and Mabel C. Lepard Scholarship Fund
Norm and Marilyn Leven Challenge Scholars Fund
Dr. Jack and Katy Lukens Family Scholarship Fund
John T. and Frances J. Maghielse Scholarship Fund
Horning Marshall Scholarship for the University of Michigan
Miller Johnson West Michigan Diversity Scholarship Fund
The Joshua Esch Mitchell Aviation Scholarship Fund
Robert L. and Hilda Treasure Mitchell Scholarship Fund
Harry J. Morris Jr. Emergency Services Education Scholarship Fund
NAIFA West Michigan Scholarship Fund
Dr. Patricia E. Newby Close Up Scholarship Fund
Peggy (Kommer) Novosad Scholarship Fund

Olson Family Scholarship Fund
Armen Oumedian Challenge Scholars Fund
Forrest Arthur Pletcher Memorial Fund
Pullen/Lambers Family Memorial Scholarship Fund*
Armando “Frank” Quaglia Veterans Scholarship
Reach for Your Goal Scholarship Fund
Josephine Ringold Scholarship Fund
David and Laurie Russell Family Scholarship for Habitat for Humanity of Kent County Families
Alan R. Ryan Scholarship Fund Margery J. Seeger Scholarship Fund
Ronald T. Smith Family Scholarship Fund
Gladys A. Snauble Scholarship Fund
Christine Soper Scholarship Fund
Dr. William E. and Norma Sprague Scholarship Fund
Dorothy B. and Charles E. Thomas Fund in support of the Ringold Scholarship
Dorothy J. Thurston Scholarship Fund
TowerPinkster Grand Rapids Public Schools Scholarship Fund
Mildred E. Troske Scholarship Fund
Trust of the GR Federation of U of M Alumnae Club

  • University of Michigan GR Alumnae Trust Scholarship Fund
  • Gretchen Slack Appelt and Doris Ann Slack Scholarship Fund
  • Margaret Appelt Kerr Fund
  • Meta Prange Murphy/ Lucille Prange Fund
  • Rosemary Scott Fund

Keith C. VanderHyde Scholarship Fund
Roger and Jacquelyn Vander Laan Family Scholarship Fund
Jacob R. and Mary M. Van Loo; Lenore K. Van Loo; and Anne Van Loo Eldred Scholarship Fund
Chad Vollmer Scholarship Fund Kenneth Vonk Fund
Warner Norcross & Judd Scholarship Fund
Donald M. Wells Scholarship Fund
Elmo Wierenga Ottawa Hills Alumni Scholarship Fund
Walter C. Winchester Scholarship Fund
Michael J. Wolf Scholarship Fund
Dr. Richard J. Woltersom Medical Scholarship Fund
Violet Wondergem Health Science Scholarship Fund
Audrey L. Wright Scholarship Fund
Youth Enrichment Scholarship Program

Unrestricted Funds

Fund for the Community Good

  • Lynne M. Black Fund+
  • Joy A. Brown-Baker Fund+ Laurie and Crawford
  • Craft Family Fund+
  • Tom and Jan Czerney Fund+
  • William and Patricia Edison Fund+
  • James and Bebe Glerum Fund+
  • Eleanore and Robert Howieson Fund+
  • The David B. and Susan D. Lipner Fund+
  • Ernest & Lorraine Malkewitz Fund+
  • Marjorie and Robert Neubig Fund+
  • Judge W. Baldwin Ogden and Judy Ogden Fund+
  • Martha J. Porter Fund+
  • Roth Family Fund for Community Good+
  • Robert and Claire Schaefer Fund+
  • Diana Sieger Leadership Fund+
  • Elmer and Mable Slemons Fund+
  • Bill and Barbara Van’t Hof Fund+

Contributions Receivable (split-interest)

  • John H. and Nancy L. Batts Trust, Janet E. Berg Trust, Mr. and Mrs. Max Doering Trust, Gilchrist Family Trust, Edwin R. Hondelink Trust, Clare and Grace Jarecki Trusts, Ben Lee Jr. Estate, Robert D. Mackey Trust, Millard M. Moore and Viola M. Moore Trust, C. Allen Payne Trust, Dorothy Scholwalter Estate, Dorothy J. Thurston Trust, Herbert E. Thurston Family Trust, Waddell-Cioni Trust

Marian A. Aldrich Fund
American Box
Board Community Fund
Gasper J. Amodeo Fund
Employees of Autocam Fund
John W. and Margaret Bertsch Fund
Anna Bissell Charity Trust Fund
James and Margaret Black Estate
Edward H. Blickley Fund
Harvey and Margaret Brower Fund
Orville and Jean Bulman Estate
Allan and Claudia Carlson Family Fund
Olga H. Cassard Fund*
William J. Chaille Fund
Eugene D. Conger Fund
Louis A. Cornelius Trust
Dallas and Helen Darling Fund Cornelia De Fouw Fund
George and Louise Egeler Fund Engineered Protection Systems Fund Diane S. Farage Fund*
Fishell Fund
Henry A. Fox Family Fund
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Frey Fund
Jim McKay and Twink Frey Fund
Mrs. L. C. Gardner Fund
Carol E. Greene Fund for Community Good
Chester A. Hall Fund
Leon W. Hall Fund
Stanley C. Hall Fund
Bill and Claudia Hardy Fund Haslinger Family Fund
Minnie E. Haven Fund
Elizabeth Herkner Fund Edward M. Herpolsheimer Fund
Karl E. Herpolsheimer Fund
Dirk and Victoria Hoffius Fund Orianna D. Hooker Fund
Arthur J. and Sue H. Hoover Fund Robert and Adelaide Hoover Fund Allen I. and Helen J. Hunting Fund Walter D. Idema Charitable Trust Walter D. Idema Fund
Jabin Family Fund*

Clare and Grace Jarecki Fund
Elizabeth J. Steed Johnson Trust
Kent Charitable Fund
William E. and Sue Kincaid Fund
Mary Jane Kirchgessner Trust
Jane and Sam Kravitz Fund for Community Good
Robert J. Kulms Trust
Perry M. and Hazel A. Lawr Fund
Ben H. Lee Jr. Fund
Harvey E. Lemmen Fund
Clara T. Limbert Fund
Gertrude Lindberry Fund
Charles W. Loosemore Fund
Dr. Jack and Katy Lukens Fund
Hale J. Mackay Fund
Allen S. & Barbara P. Marcus Fund*
Glen C. Mason Fund
Geraldine F. Masters Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. McCobb Fund
Isabel McLeod Fund
Frank H. and Virginia L. Merlotti Fund*
George and Mary Metz Charitable Fund
Mary D. Morman Trust
Estate of Melanie L. Muir Estate of Dr. Clifford T. Nelson Nordic Fund
Francis J. O’Connor Fund
Jackman and Helen Palmatier Fund Mary I. and Robert C. Pew Fund
Chalmers and Esther Quaintance Fund
Charlotte M. Raniville Fund
Eleanor J. Roberts Fund
Leonard and Dora Rosenzweig Fund
Theodore R. and Caroline Schoonbeck Fund
Grace L. Schouten Memorial Trust Fund
Willard and Barbara Schroeder Fund Schuil Family Fund
Margery Seeger Fund
Erin Slade Memorial Fund
Estate of Isabelle and Herman Slanger
Eileen Slootmaker Fund
Mary A. and Lenore G. Smith Fund
Marvin Stahl Fund
Paul L. Steketee Fund
Graham F. “Deck” and Ruth B. Stewart Fund
Joseph and Helen Tulos Fund Adrian Van Daalen Fund
Earle Vande Poel Charitable Fund The Vander Beek Family Fund Keith C. VanderHyde Fund
Biem H. and Irene G. Vandermass Fund
Herbert and Doris Vander Mey Fund for Community Good
Englebert J. and Lelah Sexton Vogt Trust
Estate of Ralph A. Voigt
Jeanette Shelly Warner Fund
John C. Whitcomb Fund
Marion Stuart White Fund
Estate of Zoe F. Whitworth Trust Mrs. Imogene W. Wickett Fund
C. John Gill and Rita Williams Fund
Arthur D. Wolf Foundation Trust
Charles D. and
Irene A. Worden Fund
Estate of Curtis M. Wylie
George L. and Esther B. Young Trust

* Fiscal year 2018-2019 new funds
+ Recognition funds : Honors Donors who support Grand Rapids Community Foundation priorities with gifts over $10,000.

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