Honor, Memorial
+ Estate Gifts

We recognize the following people in whose honor or memory gifts to Grand Rapids Community Foundation were made.​

Gifts in Memory of​

Edith Baker

Dave Balas

Tony Balice

Patricia Bradley

Virginia M. Braley

Karl Braunschneider

Sylvester Bush I

Margarita Castañon

Jack C. Clifford

Stephen M.

Conway Roy Cook

Gerald M. Crane

Clara Crittenden

Margaret C. Demmer

Winnie Fox

Otis N. French

Claire A. Goldfarb

Philip Goodspeed

Helen Pentz

Janet A. Haynes

Mandy Heidenreich

Andrew Heidenreich

Marilyn C. Hunting

John M. Jasperse

Donald Kosten

Matthew Kutsche

Eric Lewis

Judy Lloyd

Andy Lubbers

Richard P. Lyman

Ray McCahill

James E. McCarty

Greg Meussen

Margaret Sellers

Walker Morris

Mrs. Felicia J. Ojo

Seymour K. Padnos

Forrest A. Pletcher

Betty Jane Pletcher

Betty Roth

David P. Schroeder

Elaine Shaw

John J. Timmer

Peter R. Tolley

Stu Van Dyke

Olivia Veldink

Katherine Veldink

Mabel Terpstra Daling Visser

Samuel W. Vriezema

Ronald Williams

David Wood

Robert A. Woodrick

Phil Woods

Kevin Yon

Gifts in Honor of​

Beth Batts

Bud B aty + Max Matteson

Emily Bridson

Challenge Scholars

Advisory Committee Members

Ann Cooper

Aileen McKenna

Pat + Kathy Mullen

Mary F. Nunn

Shelley Padnos + Carol Sarosik

Charles F. Pletcher

Diana R. Sieger

William E. Sprague

Lauren Thole + Drew Wolford

Estate Gifts​

Each year, people we know and love pass away, but our memories and their legacies remain with us. Grand Rapids Community Foundation remembers the following people who made gifts through their estate plans to benefit the community.

Ralph + Ruth Ambrosius

Gasper J. Amodeo

Lois A. Birch-Kalman

Sharon M. Buursma

Norman B. De Graaf

Rafael O. Diaz

Vernon J. Ehlers

Gloria Ellcey

Janet A. Haynes

James E. McCarty

Betty Roth

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